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Play is intrinsically motivating for children. Our kiddos do not even realize how hard they are working, because they are having so much fun.

It takes a village to raise a child. Open lines of communication between families, teachers and other providers allow us to fully understand a child and provide meaningful and functional occupational therapy care.

We believe that therapy is a stepping stone in your child’s life. Our goal is to develop their ability and confidence to successfully participate in age appropriate activities.


highly experienced Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Mila Teshler

MS, OTR/L, SIPT Trained

Mila is a pediatric Occupational Therapist with seventeen years of experience working with infants, children and adolescents in diverse settings. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Health Sciences, and a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Touro College School of Health Sciences. While completing graduate school studies Mila received a scholarship from NYC Department of Education. There she worked as an occupational therapist, an evaluator and a lecturer.

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highly experienced Pediatric Occupational Therapist

4 Ways to Keep Positive Vibes With Our Children

By Mila Teshler MS., OTR

Staying home and connecting with our kids is great, but feeling anxious and uncertain about life is not. Kids feel that anxiety as well. In our current situation, co-regulation is needed more than ever in order for the adults and children in the family to keep positive vibes going. Remember, that kids express anxiety differently from adults. A lot of the time, they use their bodies and not their words to express their frustrations and feelings. Adults can perceive that as “bad behavior”, and conflicts between family members can erupt.

I am going to share with you the strategies I use in my family, as well as in my pediatric occupational therapy practice to elicit positive changes in behavior:
1. Self-check – chances are if I am feeling anxious and stressed, my kids will pick up on that (and will act out so much more!). If I am feeling anxious I do breathing exercise, meditate or do a 20 minute yoga video to de-stress . If I am okay, I can be there for everyone else.

2. Active listening- that’s listening without responding or offering a solution. This can be hard, as a lot of the times I want to solve the problem, but my kids just wants me to listen.

3. Empathy- one of my teachers once said something that stuck like glue: “A kid usually needs a hug at the time when he/she deserves it the least”. I love my kids unconditionally, and I want them to feel that even when their behavior is less then ideal.

4. Problem solve the situation together when everyone is CALM. This allows kids to have ownership over the process. To facilitate a discussion, I ask my kids questions, such as:

What can we do to make your body feel better?
How can we keep our your body and your sister’s body safe while doing this game?
How about you make two choices for what you would like to do today, and I will make my two choices?
This is what happened now (________), what can we do differently next time?
In these challenging and uncertain times lets take the opportunity to make our family units stronger! Compassion, communication and understanding on every level is needed for us to grow, thrive and succeed today and in the future.

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Thank you to Kimberly for being so patient and kind these past many months with my child. You are so appreciated!


KidLink Therapy had a great ability to connect with our son, they saw immediately the areas my son needed help and found the right approach to push him, to make him feel comfortable with them. They helped him to gain a lot of skills, he wouldn’t have done by himself. He loved seeing them once a week and I was always encouraged by their new activities with him and with their help, I was able to help my son as well.

Maria T.

KidLink has helped my eight year old feel triumphant. You are such talented OTs (and probably the best kept secret around). Mila really got to know my son and connected with him. Because of the connection she built with him, she was always able to challenge him and push him. He felt so supported and always walked away feeling proud. What a gift you have. Thank you so much!

Leslie P.

The services and communications were excellent. My child developed a strong bond with Mila and I know he will miss her. Conversations after each session were great to feel connected to the process and have an open and honest dialogue. I feel that Mila genuinely knows and cares for my son. She made his OT experience fun and rewarding while also challenging. Thank You!

Lauren B.

I came to KidLink with a set of concerns & questions regarding my child. From the intake to final session, I found that they “got” my child and her unique profile. Weekly exercises were targeted, clear, easy, fun and helpful. The quick conversation after sessions allowed time to check in and ask questions as well as reflect on any new issues or progress. My child always looked forward to coming and wants to come back!!


Our family can’t say enough good things about KidLink therapy. KidLink’s dedication to personalized therapy for each individual child is unique as is their involving the family in a child’s therapy plan to accelerate and maintain progress. The providers are all top-notch, taking the time to really get to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses beyond a diagnosis and tailoring therapy to provide the highest degree of efficacy combined with a kind, nurturing, playful approach. Our son never felt like it was “work” to go to KidLink-and that made all the difference!

Erica A.

When I first contacted KidLink, I had no idea what was going on with our daughter, and was overwhelmed, confused and more than a little stressed. Mila explained very clearly what was going on and how we could make it better. Our daughter, normally very shy, took to Mila instantly, and began making impressive progress. Six months later, we had a totally different kid. We are so grateful that we were able to benefit from the expertise of these talented therapists.

Alison S.

I’m so grateful to have found you. I think for me the most helpful were post-session discussions. I really appreciated the phone calls too when I couldn’t be there! I love your approach to kids and love that coming to KidLink was always something my child looked forward to.


KidLink has designed a new program for kids, called body regulation, which was absolutely amazing for my son. The body regulation sessions, even over video meetings were very helpful and effective. I have noticed how my son has significant changes in ability to recognize his outburst of excitement and frustrations and is now much better at being able to voice and reflect on them. I think it was a breakthrough for him personally, being able to understand the feelings he had. The sessions provided him with the tools that helped him handle various emotions and gave him certain comfort by being able to gain control over emotions. On top of that, he really enjoyed this program and the therapist and I could see how each week he was more and more excited to join in and participate. I am very glad I had my son in this program!

Yelena S.
KidLink Therapy


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